Meal Time:
No need to pack lunches, Our Cook makes nutritious, balanced home style meals . We have Hot Breakfast and Lunch as well as Snacks.. All Toddlers and Pre K Children sit down with their class and teachers in our Dining Room.

Pre K :    We have 3 Toddler classrooms and 2 Pre K classrooms. All our learning centers and curriculum are age appropriate and designed to help children express themselves while learning . Our Preschooler's

love our annual graduation and leave us prepared for Kindergarten. Our Educators are experienced and highly trained in the education of young children as well as CPR and first aid. 

Our facility is bright, clean, cheerful and designed for learning, interacting and families are always welcome.

Infants : Our infants, birth up to 12 months enjoy  floor/tummy time to build large muscles. Of course they also get lots of interaction . Parents are welcome to visit,breast feed or come read to the class at any time. Our doors are always open and we encourage parents to visit.

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Blessings Christian Child Care

                                                                                                            IN SUMMARY: 
                                                                     What a BLESSING to touch the life of a child!

 We  do a lot of hugging, playing, learning, nurturing and kissing Boo Boo's . We Love your lil Blessing like our own,

When you can't be there make sure someone is teaching your children Character, Morals and Values,                                                      God loves children and so do we  and we stand TALL in our faith.    Come see what Blessings can do for you.                                    Thanks for visiting our site.